Techno Transfer
African copying technology from developed countries and implementing them in Africa thanks to diaspora and African oversea students. Thanks to the help of everybody starting by African themselves. Instead of immigrating overseas, we bring to Africa what is there, infrastructure, road, hospital, and technology.

Africa never has money and money is needed to develop Africa. That assumption is false, Africa has got a mismanagement that leads to lack of money, she has got enough for development if well managed.
Corruption, useless projects , slow mega projects, unfinished projects, overcharged projects all these forms of wickedness that has ruined Africa economy.
Where to get money?
Those who have money, where did they get it? Where did those nation get they money from, knowing no nation come with money from heaven? WORK. Work brings money.

Asian competition
Asian cheap mass production has made it hard for small African startup stand the market competition resulting in most products made locally to be expensive, therefore dooming most start-up to failure by lack of clients.

Expensive and inadequate advertising
Startup not having enough means to advertise, most of their services end up with customers. The algorithm behind most social medias doesn’t make easy for them yo emerge. Most of startup will fail because of the hostile business environment. These are the major problems to solve to create a favorable business environment for all. Computer planned guided supported investment is the solution that comes into. Government and people should support startup, but when it comes to spend one’s money; quality and price are prioritized no matter the source.

The way the economical system is built gives little chance for startup to succeed; great challenges startups face are customers, competition and quality; even when quality is good , the product is not well-known enough, and the distribution is not enough. To help African startups all these should be taken into consideration.

Lack of data make planning difficult. How to decrease African imports and increase exports other than minerals.

Africa is very late as far as technology is advanced. African governments should assist the private sectors to catch up with the rest of the world.

We keep on repeating that fight against corruption is a priority for African development. Only public and online transparency of public funds can chase away darkness. Unfortunately most of corrupt government are against any initiative of state fund transparency.

It is up to voters of every African country to dictate the way their candidates must operate. Stop voting because of popularity but based on ability to plan and execute innovation. All political manifestos promise paradise , yet few are those that are fulfilled once in power. This game must end right now. Henceforth elected party will be overseer of an established development planning. Politicians must give us detailed plans of everything they will do for the duration of their mandate from beginning to the end based on available resources. Based on the actual budget, how will they do better than the ones in power now. Every president to be must have the insight of the whole republic . Most of them only criticize the actual power instead of impregnate themselves of the hard challenges and finding of long-lasting solutions. It is important for the opposition to grasp the transparency of the actual administration. African country development is not a matter of populism, nor fairy tales, it has many challenges that all of us must know and work together to find durable solutions.

Information is power

We have made an application that allows the government officials at entry levels to daily update relevant information. The government is responsible to show to the whole word how it is managing the state resources. Once everything is transparent, politics will be back again for serving the people and no more shortcut to personal enrichment. Fellow citizens of African countries, we must never trust the good faith of politicians, power and money change the heart of human.

Real-time state resource monitoring will reduce the amount of corruption Africa faces every day. We as voters, are the ones who should impose the standard, not them.Watchdogs should be put to protect them from the temptation. We all know the love of money is the root of evil.


Political parties must come with their manifestos as a real Business plan based on the annual average budget. For instance with the budget of 90 billion $ , how will the money be spent in every field of the society with any minute details; this will push them to have real knowledge of the problem taking into consideration the budget deficit. When data are poured on the table, it is where we realize that developing an African country is not easy; it is very, very hard when facing the real challenges. Politicians should avoid vain promises, but plan accordingly the available resources; and work consequently to bring changes. Africa needs a generation of politicians who think and bring changes. This application depicts the reality of a given country to help future leadership to bring effective solutions. We think, work, fall down, and stand up again together. We join our forces, experiences, and our resources for a better Africa for all. IT STARTS WITH ME AND YOU.

A weak government will fail to boost the economy; private and public sector planning and priorities will be a matter of debate. Decisions should be based upon recent and accurate data. Every sector has a form to update data and make it available on time

We know the song, there is no money; but we surprised to learn millions were looted and the matter is at court. There was money, but it was not used properly. As a continent, or as a country we need to have a short and long term development planning at national and local levels. Opposition and those in power should work together to have such agenda. It should be a continuation of power, not a restart from zero when a new president is elected. The success of the new one depends on where the former one left.

Every action of government is well planned with a target and timeline stipulated in the manifesto, most of them fail due to lack of enough information and reality on the field where theory is far away from practice

Informing and educating our population everywhere about behaviors that hinder or favors the economy growth, how to produce and consume nationally. Government , NGO, and churches may also inform and educate our population to attain economical freedom ; for their mission is also the well-being of the population. That is why our application relies on the implication of organizations that are already assisting the most vulnerable of our people, people who sacrificed their time and money to respond to the divine natural calling, LOVE THY NEIGHBOR AS THYSELF.


Any help that does create future job should be transformed in job opportunity. We start with educating produce and consume nationally, we select which projects are priorities in terms of job creation and development, we finance the selected, we guide and promote the new born business until growth; repeat the same process.

A prompt development of Africa lies on the aptitude to develop adequate machinery for mass production, as Africa is late regarding technology;

we shall just copy, do reverse engineering and built. We buy one machine, disassemble , rebuilt it, and make another one. We recruit the best of ours at universities, colleges, overseas, and companies. The assignment will be how to reproduce it at cheap price with better qualities. The goal is quality at affordable price to stand international competition.

Changing donations to investment so that the beggars of today become the donors of tomorrow
Our engineers and us will always ponder how to reproduce what’s in developed countries with same quality at cheap price. It’s high time African start using their brain to solve their problems. Most of the aids should be transformed in investment as much as possible so that the helped can generate more future income even if the help ceases. Data is important in projects planning; at every root of society projects are elaborated and sorted out thanks to AI algorithm in terms of priority and job creation

Aid totaled US$151.7 billion in 2019, a 0.6% increase from 2018 in real terms, but US$205 billion less than needed to reach the commitment of 0.7% of donor’s national income (GNI).

There is a trap of vicious circle somewhere; US$ 151 billion in genuine investment will create how many jobs annually for 10 years? US$ 1500 billion in ten years. The way aid is channeled to Africa doesn’t really help, it just create a dependency instead of achieving economic freedom. Do countries that aid Africa really want her development? I heard there were some aid with some conditions like interdiction of investment, or industrialization. Africa needs real help where she can stand by herself, where her children do no more risk their lives by crossing the ocean for illegally immigration.

The real help should start first with ourselves with the little we have; whoever is faithful in little, so in much so will be. The problem is not having too much resources but how to manage the little money we have. We shall manage big if we did manage small.

We should erode away that illusion of western help for our development; History has taught us that real growth that stands the trial of time is the the one that starts tiny from within like life cell. It doesn’t matter how small it is. If only it can have the faith of mustard seed, it will grow bigger and bigger. In short we don’t need help from outside we need from inside; the outside help will be needed only when new birth is noticed. We must learn to stand up by ourselves, to fight for ourselves, and to develop ourselves with the resources we have. We just need to be well organized, this app will help us reach that where our mind and resources can be focused on change.

Light was created the first day, where there is light there is no darkness (corruption theft…); therefore every movement of money shall be made public and online.

Ministers will be appointed by their efficient planning not by acquaintance; we need ministers who already have understanding and solutions of their ministry, not those who start learning after being appointed. There is no more time to waste with fruitless ministers.

Every political party presents us 5 years planning with the actual budget in every ministry.

Everyone desiring a position should come with a five years monthly planning at the extent that even without their physical presence the target will be reached. Everything should be planned with slightest details, every minister that fails to reach 60 %, of the plan will be fired.

We want results not stories. You must know all the challenges before you accept the position or apply for. Individual planning will be amended, filtered and improved to make it final. Once selected, it will be incumbent to every minister to execute it in the frame time. There shall be no excuses, only natural disaster can be one. The government will periodically release data for different ministry to allow citizens to have idea of real challenges in order to be prepared for innovation.

Every company dealing with state funds or tenders shall publish its information and BOQ of every planned project at actual currency rate as the short term government planning will be for 1 mandate (5years). More than 60% of party planning should be reached.
Apart from copy cut, other projects will evaluated according to local environment and business reality. Every money you donate or give remains yours, projects are selected after deep studies, you decide which one your money will be used for. You follow up its progress, managers report back to you monthly, you have the power to fire managers if performance is negative. You share the profit or loss.

In every sector with the help of experienced diaspora we shall try to reproduce the same reality in Africa at the speed of our resources; even if we can advanced at the tortoise step, it is still progress compared to the destruction we are bitterly witnessing.