“Galela” is a 100% black owned business based in Johannesburg the economic hub of South
Galela was formed in 2007 with the purpose to participate in various sectors of business.
Galela’s initial strength was in the Telecommunications industry and grew to establish itself in
the Mining & Energy industries as well as having an investment arm for acquisitions &
expansions within the same sectors. To date Galela has successfully established three brands
under its umbrella namely, Galela Capital, Galela ICT Solutions and Galela Mining & Energy.
Galela also has interests in other businesses including Tradepage.

Galela Telecommunications experience

A specific key focus in the different solutions, clients, and technology partners for the various industries. Galela Telecommunication Holdings (Pty) Ltd, trading as Galela ICT Solutions is focused on Telecommunication services and solutions. Galela ICT Solutions is a major service provider of iBurst (Pty) Ltd. It offers innovative ICT solutions mainly to state owned entities including Alexkor, USAASA, Tshwane FET Colleges and eThekwini Metro Municipality. 

Galela offers VOIP solutions, Wireless Broadband and Wi-Fi services. Due to its relationship with iBurst, Galela has access to the latest telecommunication infrastructure and spectrums that allows it to offer progressive ICT solutions to the market.
Galela has also formed a strategic partnership with Broadband Infraco to leverage off each other’s mutual strengths and thereby bring reliable, fast speed connectivity to deserving communities and markets. Through this partnership Galela has implemented the successful and widely heralded launch of the WIFI project in Dr. Kenneth Kaunda District Municipality in the North
West among others using the Broadband Infraco’s National Long Distance backhaul network.
Through its experience in the rollout of Broadband Infrastructure;

Galela has provided advisory services to the following entities:

  • USAASA for the deployment of infrastructure in Joe Morolong Local & Ratlou
  • eThekwini Metro Municipality
  • Dr. Kenneth Kaunda District Municipality.
  • SANRAL South African Road Agency Limited
  • City of Ekurhuleni

Galela has in the past successfully deployed broadband infrastructure for municipalities in the Northwest, Northern Cape and Kwa-Zulu Natal. These include the Joe Morolong, Ratlou Municipalities and Dr. Kenneth Kaunda District Municipalities. Galela has core network infrastructure located at Teraco in Isando where internet related services such as DNS, Traffic Management, Captive Portal, etc are provided. Galela’s core network currently services Joe Morolong, Ratlou Municipalities and Dr. Kenneth Kaunda District Municipalities. Galela has also deployed services for large enterprise organisations such as SANRAL with up to 1Gbps internet connectivity.

KKDM Municipality:

Galela has deployed the SA Connect L2 Network in the Dr Kenneth Kaunda Region with 70 facilities connected besides L3 free

Wi-Fi services and has been live for more than 5 years. Galela has vast experience in designing and deploying carrier and enterprise network solutions.

Design depicts the KKDM municipal communication network that was built to provide Broadband Services access to government facilities, buildings and inhabitants within the identified areas radius using Fixed Wireless Access Point (AP) technology suitable for End User Terminals. Our design took into consideration the utilisation of existing municipal and government infrastructure including schools, clinics and libraries for High-Site installation accordingly. Our broadband network carries data, voice, video
communication that allows for public internet access together with private corporate and government network access all on the same infrastructure.
Joe Morolong and Ratlou
Similar implementations were implemented in the Joe Morolong and Ratlou project as part of the USAASA connectivity project in the region to connect school, clinics, and other municipal facilities. Connectivity was provided using a high-capacity wireless backbone transmission network to reach all facilities in the region as the region topography and distances between towns are a challenge to connect seamlessly.

Soweto Wi-Fi Hotspots for Public Access
Enhanced implementations of the above network design have been implemented in the Soweto region as part of Galela’s initiative to provide affordable internet connectivity to the residents of Soweto. Connectivity was provided using a high capacity wireless backbone transmission network to reach all high sites in the region and fibre connectivity terminated at various points on the network to provide internet access to the hotspot sites.

South African National Roads Agency
Galela has provided corporate internet connectivity for SANRAL and allocated a dedicated IP Block while also managing DNS services and DR location failovers for a period of 4 years. Services included implementation of a combination of routing protocols across multiple vendor equipment to establish a seamless connectivity  failover mechanism to ensure high availability of all SANRAL’s critical services.

Galela network architecture is designed for high-capacity Internet access, primarily sourced from tier-1 providers, for both local and international bandwidth. These services are provided by BBI at their Points of Presence (POPs). Additionally, high
capacity National Long-Haul Fibre circuits are facilitated by either BBI or other relevant fibre providers, linking to the nearest BBI POPs. Galela then takes over, utilizing a Regional Long-Haul Transmission Network constructed with Ariel fibre and/or high-capacity microwave radios, configured in a ring topology to ensure redundancy and high availability. This connects to the Local Access Transmission Network, which employs Ariel fibre in densely populated regions and utilizes high sites/towers with PTP/PTMP radios in more remote or expansive areas. This forms the Community Access Network, consisting of Wi-Fi hotspots and PTMP broadband radio infrastructure. Each Wi-Fi hotspot is also equipped with PTMP radio access, thus earning the designation of ‘Wi-Fi Base Station.’ End-users and households
connect to these Wi-Fi Base Stations using any Wi-Fi-enabled device, such as mobile phones or laptops. For more direct connections, households are equipped with Customer Premises Equipment (CPE) and routers that link directly to the broadband base station.

Our Partners

Galela endeavours to work with well established, reputable companies to transfer much needed skills into South Africa and the continent of Africa. Galela through mutual beneficial partnerships provide world class services and solutions with well renowned international companies.

  • Trade page,
  • iBurst (now RAIN) & Broadlink/Multi-Source for its ICT Services
  • Broadband Infraco for Long-Backhaul Infrastructure
  • Afrihost for fibre



  • 1997 – Provide services to Uthingo, WBS is awarded South Africa’s fourth telecommunication license (the
    National Mobile Data Telecommunications Network license).
  • 2004 – WBS signs exclusivity rights to the iBurst technology in South Africa with Kyocera (the manufacturer of iBurst equipment) and Array Comm (the owners of the iBurst technology).
  • 2005 – iBurst deploys a national network in South Africa covering 95% of the population within four months.
  • 2006 – iBurst Ghana begins operations; Mr. Thami Mtshali is elected Chairman of the iBurst Consortium Limited (“IBC”). An international body charged with promoting iBurst globally to manufacturers, operators, governments, and
    regulators. IBC is also responsible for regulating iBurst standards as well as selecting operators in various parts of the world.
  • 2007 – Funding arrangements with DBSA and IDC concluded leading to the subsequent creation of Galela Telecommunication. Mr. Thami Mtshali’s shares in iBurst South Africa and Ghana are incorporated into Galela.
  • 2008 – iBurst Africa launches in Ghana and within six months becomes the largest broadband services provider in Ghana; iBurst S.A launches WiMAX products in South Africa; iBurst Africa successfully launches in Mozambique; iBurst Africa repeats the successful launch in DRC.
  • iBurst technology has been officially accredited by the largest professional society in the world – the IEEE.
  • 2009 – iBurst Africa implements a soft launch in Kenya, with full blown launch planned later in the year.

iBurst wins the 2009 Asia Pacific Frost & Sullivan Technology Leadership Award in the field of IEEE802.20 Based Wireless Technology.
Winner of the Top Empowered Company in ICT – IBurst – category sponsored by African Legend Indigo and BMC Software. Thami Mtshali, Founder of IBurst and Ryan Lawlor, the GM for the BMC division – African Legend Indigo.

iBurst named world finalist for the 2008 World Communication Awards for Best Operator in a Developing Country. Other finalists include Roshan
Telecom (Afghanistan), Safaricom Limited (Kenya) and Viettel Corporation (Vietnam)

iBurst employees are the happiest in the telecom industry. iBurst Wins the Deloitte 2008 Best Company to Work For in the category of Telecommunication & Media, T.V,
Radio and Press. Beating giants such as Vodacom, MTN and the SABC.