It is good to aspire to be a leader to serve our people; Leaders must have a proper plan in every ministry to improve the economy based on the current budget. Ministers as well must have a deep understanding of their new role and have a planning for 5 years, what are the decisions they will take, and why? How much budget will be assign to , and how will every cent be spent? You want to be a minister? Get first familiarized with that ministry, and bring new solution, then take the post. This bad habit of rewarding acquaintances with post must stop now. Every minister must prove the country about his capacity, and not start learning after being nominated. Please log in and submit your plan in the ministry you want a post. Political parties must have a planning for every ministry for the time of their mandate, how they will spend the allocated budget to do better than the current government. No more space for populist leaders who do not have any plan to build the country.

National government planning by ministry

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